Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Take me off pause when you leave

An Introvert's poem. By Michael Curran

Life can be wonderful, so much to achieve.
But sometimes it's too fast. Too much to perceive.
I know I can help. Am sure I can make change.
I can see how it fits. And how to arrange.
But sometimes it gets too much, and I need a reprieve.
I need to zone out. Take me off pause when you leave.

I don't speak of love. That's not my way.
Rather I show my love, through actions each day.
I do care for you, I hope that you see,
But the way that I show it... It's different for me.
I'll do all I can, to ensure your good life,
But my own solitude, I cannot sacrifice.

Life can be wonderful, but sometimes too large.
I hope you can understand, I need to recharge.
Each touch and each word, they all come too fast.
They puncture and tire me. I wait for the last.
Your presence today, I cannot receive,
I'll just wait in my bubble. Take me off pause when you leave.

But now:
I've listened to music, and drowned out the noise.
I've had comfort food, and snuggled my toys.
I've had a nice break, I'm refreshed and switched on.
I'm ready to deal, with what comes along.

And now you've come back, and now it seems right,
Your company now, is such a delight.
I’m so in the moment, you wouldn’t believe.
Take me off pause. And this time don't leave