Wednesday, July 25, 2012

School Dreams

Every time I get that little bit stressed either at home or work, I end up having this recurring dream that night, which oddly allows me to wake up the next morning feeling quite okay. This is obviously a good thing over all, but I must say the dream itself is still rather stressful while I'm in it, and also, now, rather boring. The dream is always me in High School. I am either working or collecting my books in the integration room (a coordination/work room for students with disabilities and their helpers). I think about my next class (usually maths or English) and dread going to it. I also think about the fact that I havn't been to another particular class for about 3 months... "can I get away with not going to it for the whole year?" Usually towards the end of the dream though I come to realize that this is actually my second time going through high school. In fact its my choice to be there. I usually then leave the school and go home, knowing that I made the right decision for myself. The most recent occurrence of the dream was a little more odd in that I came to realize that actually I have had a good job in software development for the last 4 years or so... "I don't have to cope with school on top of that!" I thought to myself. And as usual, I woke up feeling pretty good about life. Over all, I didn't think school was the worst place on earth... but, I guess there's still issues there that I'll need to work out, one day :)